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About Us

UT&I was established in 1985. We have over 8500 customers world wide and are growing everyday. Our broad range of solutions are installed in retirement communities, hospitals, colleges, corporate cafeteria's, fine dining, casual dining and quick serve environments.
On staff experts in the fields of finance, IT, servers, software design, credit cards and more. All software is owned by UT&I Solutions, Inc.


A fact is worth a thousand words

UT&I has be turning ideas into software for over 30+ years. Some companies treat customers as one and done. Our philosophy is our customers are our partners. We grow together with technology. There are very few companies that have maintained customers for more than 5 years. Our customers have been partnering with us since our inception.


Our Accomplishments

We have been developing and installing our software in over 6000 installations world wide for over 30 years.   We have won awards and the respect of our clients through intuitive cost saving and profit generating programs.   We still maintain relationships with customers since our inception.



    Our Honesty

    We pride ourselves in providing what we say.   If you get a proposal from UT&I we will be able to deliver what we promise.  Our customers are our best sales staff and a valued asset.



      We stand behind our products offering ongoing support 24X7.  When you need us we will be there.    If your needs change, and they usually do, we can he you adjust to the negative and positive trends.

      • Market proven software for over 30 years.
      • Flexible and changing to the current Market.
      • Reliablity

      Our Team is ready to work with you on current and future projects!

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